International Expansion Services

Martvel helps you find talent in your home country or internationally, and relocate your personnel.

We help our clients develop their business expansion strategy internationally. We provide a tailored analysis of the current conditions that surround your organization to guarantee the success of your business in a different country.

Our Business Expansion Strategy Services include:

  • International Human Resources Expansion
  • Business Expansion Plan Development
  • Financial Planning and Cash Management
  • International Market Research & Analysis
  • International Business Consultation Services

International Human Resources Expansion

Your employees may be one of your company´s most costly assets. Ensuring that you get your people strategies right is critical in order for your company to continue to grow. Your people are the foundation of your business. Learn about our Executive Search Services.

Business Expansion Plan Development

We provide solutions that impact your business by identifying the structural issues while directing it towards growth and profitability. Our services include aligning your business goals with how it is being operationalized and executed. Various analysis tools will provide options and ideas that enhance your corporate strategy.

Financial Planning and Cash Management

We help you plan for your expansion. Financial planning is key for the success of any business expansion plan. Cash management analysis will help a company to concentrate on those risks that will most affect the bottom line.

The most common problem that companies face is the lack of organization in accounting, procedures, controls, financial planning, and cash management. Martvel focuses on determining priorities and timelines while understanding that policies, procedures, internal controls, and accounting systems are different for each company according to its size, industry, number of employees, and other variables.

We design our services to meet the unique needs of the organization we are serving.

International Business Consultation Services

Martvel has the experience to help you identify home country legal, advertising, and consulting help. Our globally dispersed teams work closely with each client to provide all the support they need to make sure their expansion efforts are successful.

Martvel’s corporate office is located in Houston, Texas. We are partnered with offices all over the Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East in over 45 countries.


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