We are engaged in our client’s success. By focusing on our client’s needs, we are a company devoted to recruiting the best available talent. We become a partner for our client in terms of understanding its goals, objectives, current situation, plans for the future, expectations, culture, diversity policies, etc.

We recognize that our consultant is part of the team and every search is an independent process. We are in the business of finding the top candidates that will not only contribute to achieving corporate goals, but also become an invaluable team member.

For our candidates, we have a rigorous screening process and engage directly with the qualified candidate to make sure our evaluation is rigorous and thorough. For long-term employment we match the candidate’s personality with the company’s culture, as we consider this a key component to a successful hire.

Martvel is a member of INAC, an independent network of executive search firms that operate in 80 offices within 45 countries.

Further, Martvel is associated with Talentp, an executive search firm located in Colombia and Ecuador with operations over the Andean countries and Central America.

These associations bring to Martvel a network to offer international assistance to US companies expanding to other countries, especially in Latin America.


Martvel will find top talent, multicultural candidates that deliver long lasting relationships for all stakeholders.


Martvel will be the leading executive search firm in Houston for the local market and for companies with expanding international operations.


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